How learning Microsoft PowerPoint online can help you win new business

Develop different skills useful for your new business and make your life much more straightforward and secure.

When you are into a business or looking for a company where everything is being done online, you need to have some special skills. These skills can include things like financial modeling, financial analysis, data analysis, valuation, knowledge of excel, and even PowerPoint. These are some of the primary skills that can turn your career and life upside-down in a moment.

If you are working in a company where data valuation is needed, you do not need to hire someone else. When you can do the thing yourself, you won’t need to trust someone else, and thus you can easily get many things under your control.

Such skills are not developed on their own. These are needed to be learned, and when you have such a busy life, people lose hope of learning such skills. But now, with the help of online platforms, you can easily develop skills and participate in online Microsoft PowerPoint courses and many more courses. You will be able to get the advantage of these skills in your current working environment but can get much better post based on such skills.

Courses you can learn.

Among many courses that are provided online to the general public, you can choose the courses best suitable for you. Some of them are as follows.

Financial modeling: With the knowledge of this course, you will be able to make a record of financial stuff like where the investment can be made, where there have been financial losses, and thus hop into best judgment.
Data Analysis: Even if you come across any data, you won’t need to rely on someone else to explain the matter to you. You will understand everything on your own and thus take decisive decisions and perform better in your company.
Knowledge of Excel: Excel is one of the most important parts for a person who is in the business field. You need to make sheets and set individual records. You can tally up your expenditure and profits and losses through the knowledge of excel. Thus it becomes quite useful if you know of this particular course.
Knowledge of PowerPoint: PowerPoint is needed to make presentations. The best way to explain your idea to your boss and client is to create a PowerPoint presentation. Doing so becomes easy when you know of the same course you can get from the online Microsoft PowerPoint course provided to everyone on many websites.
After knowing the uses of these services, a question pops up in everyone’s mind that from where should one collect such knowledge? Which is the best online platform from where you can learn these courses at an affordable price?

Skillfin learning is one such website providing these types of online courses to the general public at an affordable price and the guarantee of 30 days money back if the expectations are not met. So go on and develop these skills and win new business with them.

Summary: Develop different skills useful for your new business and make your life much more straight forward and secure. When you are into a business or looking for a company where everything is being done online, you need to have some special skills. These skills can include things like Financial modeling, financial analysis, data analysis, valuation, knowledge of excel, and even PowerPoint. These are some of the primary skills that can turn your career and life upside-down in a moment.

Will the New Pension Formula Impact Your Income in Retirement?

Pension plans must use a new method for the calculation of the commuted values as of 1 December 2020.

Plan members who transfer the commuted value (CV) of their Defined Benefit (DB) plan could soon receive reduced payments thanks to an updated formula that will come into effect on 1 December.

Some DB plan members, particularly those approaching the plan’s normal retirement date, may experience a relatively small decrease in their CV. However, those who leave or retire around the age of 40, and do not have many years of service, may see their CV payment reduced by 5% or more, depending on the characteristics of the plan. In a February announcement published by Eckler SA, an actuarial consulting firm, it was estimated that changes to the retirement date assumption in the revised December formula could reduce CV payments for people aged 45 in a DB plan with a normal retirement age of 65 by 4% to 7%.

The new formula was developed by the Actuarial Standards Board of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries after a multi-year review process and is expected to enter into force on 1 August 2020. In April, at the beginning of the closures due to COVID-19, the institute announced that it would postpone the deadline to 1 December 2020. Some plans were permitted to adopt the revised standard early.

The new formula uses a revised assumption for the start of the retirement date and a market-based interest rate calculation that reflects not only Canadian government bond yields but also information on the performance of provincial and corporate bond indices. The impact of these two key revisions on the lives of plan participants depends on the age of the plan participant, the bond indices used to calculate the difference, the economic conditions at the time of calculation, and the terms of the plan, as indicated in the Eckler communication.

For plans without early retirement benefits, the change may only have a minor impact on CVs, but CVs will generally be lower under the new rules for early retirement planning. The more generous the benefits, the greater the reduction.

Members of the DB plan who terminate their employment often have the opportunity to remain in the DB plan and regularly receive pension payments upon retirement, or to transfer the CV from the plan and use it to purchase an annuity, or to take it as a lump sum – where part or all of the amount can be transferred to a locked-in retirement account.

Plan members who have recently requested a quote for the CV of their earned pension, but have chosen not to commute their pension until the new year, may find that their CV has decreased due to changes in interest rates and assumptions.

The decision to take a CV from a DB plan is complicated and very personal. It can be one of the most important financial decisions you make when buying a house. When interest rates are low, as they are now, CVs are high, making the decision to transfer a CV a potentially interesting option. However, the amounts withdrawn must be properly invested to create future retirement income. This is unlikely to be achieved by using GICs or other “guaranteed interest” investments, as they are currently paying less than the rate of inflation.

It would be perfectly normal for your risk tolerance to be lower in retirement than it was at the beginning of your career. A more conservative investment mix will produce a lower rate of return over time, but if you are sufficiently diversified, you should expect a return that regularly exceeds inflation.

In addition, usually only part of the commuted value can be transferred to a locked-in retirement account, while the rest may be subject to immediate taxation. If you do not have sufficient RRSP room to offset part, or most, of this excess, you may have to pay some income tax due to this choice.

Opting for a CV may be suitable for plan members who have at least a “balanced” tolerance of investment risks, who do not have a spouse, who have a shorter life expectancy, who receive a relatively low pension, or who have another DB pension income – whether their own or their spouse’s pension. Taking the commuted value of another pension may allow a couple to diversify between pension income and locked-in RRSP investments.

5 Golden rules for successful trading

Many sites would offer you ways and tips to plan the trade; different tips that promise you quick profits, and so on.

Such searches on the internet can be a little overwhelming for new traders and most probably distract them from honest advice.

Each of the trading rules that we will discuss below is essential to facilitate sound trade. When these rules are implemented together, the impact created could not be estimated.

So, here are the golden rules for successful trading

Always implement a trading plan
A trading plan is a mix of strategies and rules defining details like exit and entry points of trade, money management practices for various trades in the portfolio.

At the same time, it is crucial to have your ideas or plans tested before you go live with them. With technological advances or sheer hike, it has become very easy to test your trading plans before you put money in.

The practice of backtesting can do wonders. It allows you to test your idea or plan backed up by past data and history to see if it is feasible or not. When the plan is designed and backtested, the results are optimistic, and the trader can move ahead with it.

Here, one thing to always remember is to go with a plan you have mapped out. But there are times when trading plans might not work; it is important to get away from it and start again.

Make the best use of technological advances.
Trading is one of the most combative and zealous businesses. Therefore, all traders all around the world tend to take the benefits offered by ever-advancing technology.

Technologies like backtesting help in reducing risks by testing the trading plan. Various advanced charting platforms provide a wide range of methods to analyse trade and trends.

You can get updates regarding the market and your trade wherever you are through tablets and mobile phone applications offered by different brokers. All such technologies can prove to be a great advantage to traders. Using new and updated technology can be fun as well as rewarding for the trader or investor.

Act as a student and focus on learning
Think of entering the trade market as you are continuing your education even further. Traders need to learn from their trade and others’ trade and market each and every day. No matter how much time a trader is trading.

Remember, understanding the tactics of market and trade is an ongoing trip that never ends. If you think you have learned everything about the market and have become an expert, you are probably delusional.

Of course, with time, you will polish your trade practices, but there will always be something to learn every day.

Trading markets are pretty dynamic in nature. It is better if traders precisely research the past and current scenarios before jumping in with investments.

Do not base your trade on emotions.
Never get emotionally carried away whilst trading. Trading should be done being mentally sound, looking at risks, pros, and cons of each trade or instrument. Letting emotions get in the way of toned decision making can blur the lines of a successful trade.

Do not get tempted by meaningless offers that promise zero risks and great returns. Risks in trading are inevitable; one can only reduce and mitigate them.

So, such schemes are mostly hoaxed as scams are all around the internet. The inspiration behind your trading actions should be facts and precise methodology, and not emotions or greed.

Develop your trade based on research and facts. Traders who take their time and patiently analyse and learn about the market have a greater chance of being successful in the market than those who skip such crucial steps.

Know when to stop
When your trading plan is not working, think nothing but stop trading. An ineffective trading plan will reap you no good results, but instead, extend your losses.

The cause of an ineffective trading plan can be an increase or decrease in market volatility, economic changes, or anything else.

At the same time, while getting into any trade, never forget using a stop loss. Stop loss is the maximum amount of risk a trader is willing to take on a particular trade. When the limit comes, the trade must pull out.


The five trading rules mentioned above will help you go about trading efficiently. It is crucial to understand the working of these trading rules and how helpful implementing them in the trade can be.

Taking your time and thoroughly researching the market, mitigating risks through practices like stop loss or backtesting are the core concepts behind these trading rules.

If you are a fresh trader and are inquiring about a regulated broker to facilitate trade, we recommend T1 Markets. T1 Markets is an authorised online broker dealing with various trade instruments like stocks, forex, indices, commodities, ETFs, and more.

Top Questions All Businesses Should Ask a Payment Provider

You want to make it easier for the customers to make payments for the purchases they make from you. As we all know that online payment processing is the fastest and safest way to receive payment, it can help propel your local business forward. But do you know how to make the right pick when choosing the merchant payment processing partner? You can start by asking the right questions.

Are there different rates or fees associated with different types of cards?

When you are planning to receive payments online through the credit or debit cards, you want to be sure that your payment processing partner is being transparent to you. Some service providers may charge different processing fees for different types of card transactions. For example, the charges for business card may be different to the debit or credit cards. So, it is very important that you know everything about what you’ll be paying to process each type of transaction.

Does the gateway support different countries and currencies?

Not all payment processing gateways are the same. While some can support only a few countries and currencies, others can offer many options to receive payments from different countries and in different currencies. In case you are doing business with international brands, then choosing a partner with international support should be a good choice. On the other hands, a local business can pick a partner that is working with a particular country and a particular currency.

Do you offer fraud protection for payment processing?

We are living in this highly advanced age where cyber hackers are always looking for the potential platforms to commit financial crimes. They can steal the financial information of your customers to make more revenue. All this can result in damage to your brand image. This is why it is very important to know that the merchant payment processing partner is offering fraud protection for payment processing so that your financial details and transactions are secure from any kind of attack. This includes using the best encryption methods and data protection strategies.

How can your payment processing help my business?

Well, this is something that can make or break the entire decision. Of course, a merchant payment processing partner will aim to help accept an additional form of payment, which can boost your revenue, but there are many platforms that can help in many other ways. It depends upon you, whether you need just a partner that can help accept payments or a little more than just accepting online payments. You can choose the agencies that offer a variety of features to help run smoother.

Do you have discount offers for online payment processing?

Of course, you want to know about the hidden fee or charges that you would pay to the payment processing partner, but did you know that you can save more on every transaction with the discount offers? Well, there are different kinds of discounts like Level 3 discounts that are customized to save more for the small and medium businesses to grow in this highly competitive marketplace. So, make sure to know the kind of discount offer the partner is offering so that you can make the right pick.

What type of support is offered?

When you partner with a professional merchant payment processing agency, you don’t just get the reliable online payment processing facility, but a lot more than that. You can have a whole team of experts who are available to help deal with the grievances that you can have with the online payments. Remember that an automated phone system isn’t the same as speaking to a live person, so make sure that you have the partner that can help deal with all kinds of queries you or your customers may have in the mind.

Is there any limit on monthly payment transactions?

Whether you are a small business owner or have a medium-sized agency that aims to grow, you want to ensure that you do not have limited options when it comes to receiving payments online. Of course, you’d not want to tell your customers to pay cash just because you are not getting enough transactions monthly as per your plan. So, it is very important that you pick the best agency that can offer you unlimited online payment transactions as part of the plan. Opt for the partner that is flexible enough to fulfil your needs for the online payment processing services.

Final words

Choosing the best online payment processing partner can be a challenging task, but it is very important that you reach the final decision with all the clarity in mind. With the above-mentioned list of the questions, you can make the smarter choice.

How To Manage Your Cash Flow

Effective management of your funds can help you build wealth over time and save you from financial pits. Cash flow is the movement of cash and its equivalent, in and out of a business, or for an individual, over a period of time. The idea of personal cash flow management is to majorly channel the movement of your cash in such a way that it will bring more profit to you.

The following are the basic steps to effectively manage personal cash flow:

1. Personal cash flow evaluation
A personal cash flow evaluation will help you make intentional and realistic decisions on how to channel your cash, list your sources of income in detail (cash inflow), and how your money is dispensed (cash outflow).

The difference between your inflow and outflow is your net cash flow. The outcome of the difference will either be a positive or negative net cash flow. A positive net cash flow signifies that you have been prudent in handling your cash while a negative net cash flow signifies unhealthy management of funds.

2. Effective budgeting
A well-managed budget is the first step to having effective personal cash flow. To create an effective budget, calculate your total income, list out all your expenses, then deduct your expenses from your total income. Also, set aside a certain amount to invest.

There are different types of expenses. The two major ones are fixed expenses and variable expenses. Fixed expenses are majorly payments you must cater to such as rent. Fixed expenses are predictable; this means that there are particular times when such payments are made.

The second type of expense is the variable expense which can also be referred to as a discretionary expense. Variable expense is not as predictable as a fixed cost. Variable expenses are costs that change frequently, depending on quantity or usage; groceries, gasoline, food are examples of variable expenses.

3. Savings and investments
Savings is the amount you put aside for future use, which necessarily doesn’t yield interest over time, or rather yields a low interest. However, investing means to set aside a particular amount (capital), or its equivalent, in expectation of a particular benefit (interest) in the future.

Your monthly budget should include a certain percentage of investments. You can as well make use of an online savings platform to automate your savings and/or investments.

4. Practice frugal living
Frugal living is not equal to being cheap, rather it helps you to channel your expenses on the most important things. While being prudent with your cash, you can still buy quality needed items. Your cash flow management will tell how financially free you would be in the long run.

How you handle your cash flow will, to a large extent, tell how financially free you would be in the long run. At OVERWOOD, we are primarily committed to helping you achieve financial freedom, by investing your funds in safe, high-yield instruments.

USDA Home Loans North Dakota Home Loans Georgia

You’ll also include the closing costs into the house loans, which suggests you’ve got a good better chance of owning a home.

Select a property located within a USDA approved area and qualify to the income guidelines that are all you’ve got to stress about. USDA home loans are specially designed for low income groups and it’s helped many people to relocate and buy homes. So why not the foremost “> cash in of the most affordable home equity credit option in North Dakota? Call us and we’ll provide you all the knowledge regarding USDA home loans North Dakota.

North Dakota

North Dakota is home to 739,482 people approximately, accordingly to us Bureau of the Census. North Dakota was the 39th state to be admitted to the Union. the most important city in North Dakota is Fargo. this is often the 19th most extensive and 4th least populated also as 4th least densely populated states in U.S. this state is nicknamed because the Peace New Jersey .

The state of North Dakota is home to a couple of larger cities and metropolitan areas along side several very large rural areas. You’ll also find smaller communities dotted along the state. Because the state features a lower rate and a lower percentage than the national average, this makes it a really safe state to reside in or raise a family.

Home Loans Georgia

Low income and poor credit score has been two of the main roadblocks for several people that dream about buying a home. With USDA home loans in Georgia, low income will never be a roadblock. USDA home loans are specifically dedicated to help low to moderate income families become homeowners. USDA home loans in Georgia also offers financing for repairing an existing home.


The overwhelming majority of the state’s growth is happening within the northwest corner of the state, within the Atlanta metropolitan area. Other areas of the state, however, are working diligently to draw in businesses with the promise of hardworking labor (Georgia may be a right-to-work state), beautiful climate and low taxes. With ninety miles of Atlantic coastline, mountains within the state’s northwest corner, a temperate climate, historic sites dating back to pre-colonial days, and cultural, educational and recreational opportunities sprinkled generously throughout the state, Georgia’s an exquisite place to measure and work, a fact recognized already by many Americans.

Current land Trends

The state of Georgia features a population of over 10 million residents, and most of those people sleep in the state’s ten largest cities. Georgia’s population is growing at a pace that creates it one among the fastest-growing regions within the country. This has resulted during a recent uptick of home construction.

USDA supports low to mid income families buy or repair a home of their own and supply 100% financing in doing so. If you would like to shop for a range in USDA approved areas, you’ll do so without having to form any down payments. Albeit you’ve got skilled bad financial experiences like foreclosure or bankruptcies, you’ll be ready to get a USDA home equity credit in Georgia. All such issues should be settled within 3 years before the application.

Buy Your Dream Home with USDA Home Loans Rhode Island and USDA Home Loans Florida

You’ll now buy your dream property with help of USDA home loans in Rhode Island which offers 100% financing at rock bottom interest rates.

Make sure you qualify to the USDA guidelines and therefore the property is found during a USDA approved country and you’re eligible to urge all the advantages of USDA loans. Get pre-qualified together with your lender and apply for USDA home loans in Rhode Island, in order that you become a proud home owner.

Rhode Island
Rhode Island is understood as “The Rhode Island ,” and it’s the littlest state within the nation by area, the second most densely populated state, and therefore the eighth least populous state within the nation.

Rhode Island features a sort of beachfront towns, large cities, and suburban communities. The local living depends on where you select to settle, and therefore the whole state features a more laid-back vibe that residents enjoy. The state is additionally very rich in history, and this works to draw in many tourists year round. Rhode Island also focuses heavily on green technology, and it had been the location of the country’s first offshore wind farming operation.

All the local amenities and facilities required to form life easier are often found here in Rhode Island. From hotel chains, to multi-cuisine restaurants, shops, local attractions, everything is definitely accessible altogether parts of this state. Rhode Island is connected to the opposite parts of the country via Interstate highways, rail, and airways. In terms of healthcare, Rhode Island has a number of the simplest facilities within the country to cater to its residents. To sum it up, this state has everything you would like to measure a satisfying life.

Home Buying with USDA Home Loans in Rhode Island

No matter what sort of property you select, USDA home loans will assist you purchase it. Single homes with lawns, condos, town homes and lots of more sorts of properties are eligible for USDA home loans in Rhode Island.

USDA Home Loans Florida

Worried about bad credit scores? Now you’ll buy a home albeit you’ve got credit score less than 640. USDA home loans support people with limited income and help them get a loan albeit they need subprime credit. Just qualify to the income guidelines and confirm the property to be financed is found during a USDA approved area and you’re able to own your dream range in Florida.


With its warm year round temperatures and miles of beaches, there’s little question on why it’s mentioned because the “Sunshine State.” Florida has been a dream destination point for people and families for generations. Residents are drawn to the state for its weather, vibrant cities, and quiet coastal areas.

Florida is that the 3rd most populous state within the US, and permanently reason. With its warm year round temperatures and miles of beaches, there’s little question on why it’s mentioned because the “Sunshine State.” Florida has been a dream destination point for people and families for generations. Residents are drawn to the state for its weather, vibrant cities, and quiet coastal areas.

Are you thinking of shopping for a home (or a second home) in Florida? With its warm sunny climate, its two shores of beachfront property, its amusement park attractions and its great cities, Florida features a lot to supply homebuyers.

2020 Tax Refund: Prepare to use your Tax Refunds to Buy A New Car

Auto loans and tax refunds are like a match made in heaven. Tax refunds can pretty much act like a ready-made down payment for your next car, amongst other things. When you receive your 2020 tax refunds, you can use it efficiently by applying for an auto loan. The important key is to understand how you can make use of your tax refunds and utilize them towards purchasing your next car.

Buy a Car with 2020 Tax Refunds: Tips and Suggestions for a Better Deal

The following points will throw clarity in helping you to understand how you can use your refunds as an investment towards purchasing a car.

1. Buy a Better Car

In the stressful times of Novel Coronavirus, it is best to travel by a private vehicle. If you have a little additional budget because of your tax refunds, you can upgrade to a better car and ensure your safety.

Your tax refunds can range between $3000-$4000 and additional money can go a long way in car buying. You can either purchase a luxury used car or purchase a new car of your choice with upgraded features. Research about the car that fits your requirements.

If you are purchasing a car for your entire family might use, you can switch to a variant that provides improved safety features. Therefore, make sure to utilize your tax refunds towards buying an upgraded and better car.

2. Opt for a Large Down Payment Amount

A tax refund can do wonders for obtaining a great auto loan deal. Firstly, using your entire tax refund towards putting a big down payment can help you to obtain lower monthly payments. It will allow you to pay off a good chunk of the auto loan amount quickly.

Secondly, you can use your refund to negotiate for lower interest rates which in turn will give you a cheaper auto loan deal. Thirdly, you can use your down payment to shorten the loan term. Therefore, using your refund money towards the down payment is a great way to bag a good deal.

3. Preapprove your Auto Loan

Once you have researched the car you want to buy and have decided to put a large down payment, you can apply for pre-approved auto loans.

A pre-approved auto loan will give a clear picture of your financial condition so that you can shop with confidence. You can also seek pre-approval at online auto loan portals. With a pre-approved auto loan, you will be able to negotiate better deals and enjoy an affordable car buying process. It will give you an edge over other car buyers as the pre-approval will prove the dealer of your credibility.

Tax Refund is Your Resource for buying a Car

Whether you have received your tax refund or not, it is wise to plan for it in advance. It will come handy when you want to buy a decent car model. Be mindful of your refund money and invest it in your next car. Do not waste it over other frivolous expenses. Use your tax refund wisely and buy a better car to avoid public transport in times of COVID-19.

New Puppy Checklist- An Ultimate Guideline

Bringing a new puppy in your home is quite thrilling and exciting for everyone of your family loved and feels the same like welcoming a new child. While everyone waits for the great moment to come, it should be your priority to prepare a new puppy checklist to provide the necessary comfort and ensure the wellbeing of your loving pet. In this article, let’s have a basic outline concerning what you need to include in the checklist.

The Basic Checklist

Depending on the breed type, you need to research the basic foods that you should provide for its necessary nourishment. Also, consider buying plates and bowls made of stainless steel or ceramic that comes affordable.

Get a washable bed and beddings for the dog for having comfortable sleep.

Purchase toys to boost the puppy’s mood and make them lively and energetic.

A well-secured crate is a must-have for the new puppy that facilitates them to stay peaceful or feel secured when you’re away.

Security Supplies Checklist

Collar or harness is a special kind of item which is generally worn around the neck of the pet. Similarly, leash is typically a chain which can be fastened with the collar to control the movement of the pet especially when you walk with the puppy in the public place.

Also, the dog’s tag is a vital identification card that should include the pet’s name, mobile number of the owner that helps finding the puppy in case it’s lost.

Care and Hygiene – New Puppy Checklist

Having a dog brush is important that helps minimize to shed and tangle of their far.

Consider also, having a non-toxic puppy shampoo and use while giving a bath to your puppy that helps get rid of dust and dirt leaving the puppy a great smell.

Typically similar to humans, you need to clean your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush and paste daily for health and hygiene.

Medications – New Puppy Checklist

Having certain medications to control common infections and health issues in your puppy is important.

This includes medications for

Flea & Tick control, which may affect you too;

Heartworm medications caused by mosquito bites and may attack the lungs and heart;

And others as suggested by your vet specialist;

Vaccine Checklist

Similar to a child, a new puppy are also prone to some health problems out of which some may be deadly. Typically, your veterinary practitioner provides the necessary vaccines which includes


Canine distemper

Canine parainfluenza and more

Being a new puppy owner, you simply cannot ignore work with a reputable veterinarian for necessary healthcare, routine vaccinations, and advice. Make sure in case of emergencies too you can visit the practitioner with your puppy without any hassle. Under certain circumstances, the veterinarian can refer your loving pet to healthcare facilities.

Apart from the above, you will require a

An experienced dog trainer

A pet sitter and

A dog groomer

Last but, of course, not the least is to do the necessary research and having pet insurance which is the most vital and mostly ignored aspect of pet owners. Mind well, it’s as significant as you consider in regard to your own health insurance. Considering the huge rises of medical expenses you must buy health insurance for your new puppy to avail the necessary treatment, surgeries, and rehab in case of injuries from facilities affordably. Considering the importance, it should get a priority in your new puppy checklist.

3 Tips That Will Really Trim Down Your Wedding Budget

You shouldn’t feel compelled to go deep into debt just to walk down the aisle. You can have a beautiful day without going broke. To get you started on your budget-friendly wedding, here are three ways that you’re guaranteed to cut costs.

Get Rings from a Custom Jeweller

What is a wedding without the rings? A good money-saving strategy that every couple should follow is to go to a professional jeweller to look for wedding bands.

A jeweller will be able to craft gorgeous custom pieces that work with your budget — this is especially true when you compare the price to the rings from major chain stores. Chains have higher prices because they need to accommodate their steep overhead costs. Smaller, specialized jewellers don’t. You’re only paying for the materials and the service.

When you’re planning the look of your custom ring, you should focus on impact over embellishment. Additional gems and details cost more. Keep it simple and remember that you can always add glam with anniversary rings in the future to add to your stack. Take a look at the beautiful options at Alexis Gallery so that you can get inspired about your own custom wedding ring designs.

Choose Buffets

Food and drinks will take up the majority of your budget. To cut down on costs, choose a caterer that offers buffet-style options over plated services for appetizers, dinner and dessert.

Buffet-style lets you embrace DIY, too. Consider your dessert table. If you have talented home bakers in your social circle, see if they can contribute treats for your dessert table as a wedding present. You can also make your own wedding cake instead of spending a fortune on a massive multi-tiered cake from a professional baker. You’ll have a table full of tempting treats for your guests without putting a dent in your bank account.

Shrink the Guest List

One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is making your guest list and wondering if you can afford to invite all your friends and loved ones. By the time you’ve written down all of the names, you’re going to have a massive crowd.

To save money, you should trim down that list as much as you can. The smaller the guest list, the smaller your final bill will be. Or, you can always elope. More couples are eloping nowadays and skipping the stress of planning large-scale events. Choosing a private ceremony will immediately whittle down your budget, leaving you lots of savings for other priorities — like a honeymoon.


It’s always good to save as much as you can. You never know whether a surprise expense is going to crop up. Follow these simple changes to boost your savings and guarantee that your wedding budget can handle any small hurdles and hiccups. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

You shouldn’t break the bank to have an amazing day. When you follow these tips, you can guarantee that your wedding will be wonderful, affordable and worry-free.